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Account Got Deranked

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Hello Experienced Fiverr sellers

I am new to Fiverr I joined in February. I am currently a level 1 seller and requirements of level 2 have set in. But unfortunately my account has been deranked in the last 10 days my impression went down from 22k to 400 impressions what can I do to the account to get ranked back as fast as possible?

Thanks and looking for tips that would help 🙂

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6 minutes ago, lexon_shopify said:

g Fiverr give me chances of promotional gig but they denied it now. What can I do to improve back?

Then I would advise you to read the article again, and @frank_d also wrote a follow up article called “fiverr 3.1”


If you lost you promoted feature then it’s a very strong hint that your performance dropped and you really need to up your customer service. The better service, performance etc you deliver the better your placement will be 

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