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Problem with GIG + RISING TALENT



Hello Fiverrs 👋

I have a problem with one of my GIG

Currently I have 5 GIGs, 4 of these I can edit, change photos, prices etc. Once edited in less than 1 hour, the GIGs are already available in the SERPs of Fiverr.

But there is 1 GIG that if I change the smallest letter disappears completely from the SERPs. If I want it to reappear I have to contact Fiverr support and they "re-activate" the GIG so that it appears in the search engines. Seems like is a bugged GIG.

So far no problem, I could always talk to Fiverr customer support and they would solve the problem for me.

But last week this particular GIG got the "RISING TALENT" badge and of course, I'm afraid to edit this GIG and lose the badge.

Currently, I would like to edit that GIG to optimize the text a bit more and add a photo, but I'm not sure if I should.

Does anyone know if editing a GIG that has the "RISING TALENT" badge is good or bad? What is your experience?

Best regards,


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Congratulations on getting the Rising Talent badge! It looks great on your profile. 😊

It sounds like you only want to make minor edits on your gig, so those edits can wait until the Rising Talent badge disappears.

Based on the Help Center, a Rising Talent badge is given based on a manual review by Fiverr's Editorial Team, so if you make edits to your gig, you may lose the badge since that would require another manual review. Based on your profile, you were found to provide exceptional value for the money, provide excellent customer support, and have verified skills.

This badge is temporary, so once your gig reaches a certain amount of exposure, that badge will disappear. At that point you can then make those minor changes to your gig.

You can read more about the Rising Talent badge here:


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Hello @vickieito

 Thanks, I was so happy when I received it. The funny thing about this, is that they gave me the rising talent in the GIG that I think has the worst copy of all. But anyway I'm still happy about it 😅

Thank you very much for the explanation, in this case I think the smartest thing to do is to let the time pass and once I get the badge removed, then edit the gig, prices, pictures, etc.


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