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Logo Makers, meet the buyers ​👀​

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Check out who’s loving those logos 


We’ve been busy. Over the last few weeks, we’ve conducted many in-depth interviews with the buyers behind the logos, and done a lot of market research to further our understanding of who they are. 

It allowed us to better understand the characteristics and needs of our target audience. Now we can all learn from it together, in order to continue generating great value for our users. 

We share one another’s success–so let’s stop and congratulate ourselves for producing real value for our users, many of whom are real business owners just starting out their journey. 

Here’s what we discovered:

  • 47% have never purchased regular Market Place Gigs on Fiverr- you introduced them to Fiverr!
  • 78% purchased Premium Logo Maker package(s) 
  • 60% are self-employed
  • 73% are new businesses
  • 91% are looking for their first-ever logo for their business

Here are some of the businesses who take pride in a Fiverr Logo Maker design:



  • “The Fiverr Logo Maker Professional package has all you need when setting up your business.”
    Designed by
    hexidesign - Jayda’s Story>


  • “I tried 2 other DIY logo platforms but Fiverr gave me the best outcome and the closest design to what I envisioned.”
    Designed by
    mat_iny- Spencer’s Story >


  • “Logo Maker gave me the option to get a quality logo made by a real designer, but also the option to customize it until I got the exact version.”
    Designed by tomtypography- Almerinda’s Story >

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