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Accidentally two orders from the same buyer

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I ran into an issue where my client has placed an order but had to fill requirements before submitting it, since I already had them noted down from her and the delivery package was ready, I skipped the requirements from my end. Later she has tried again and somehow submitted the requirements and placed the order. Now there are two orders. I need help soon. Delivery due in the next 2 - 5 days and I need to know whether I should contact support or is there a way which I can solve this from my end. Thanks.

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At first try to negotiate with the client by offering another service or extra feature for the second order (It'll work if she is a repeat/loyal customer). But if she don't like it, contact customer support and explain the incident clearly. They'll help to cancel the order without affecting your statistics. But it'll not work if the customer have actually placed two orders.

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14 minutes ago, madonnasilva said:

@dineshmadhushan @shafain876 @theratypist Thank you! I wonder if the client themself can withdraw the order and also, I wonder how to distinguish between the paid order and the unpaid one. Client only paid for one however

He can, actually you can as well. Both of you have access to the "Resolution Center" where you both can mutually cancel. However, cancelling through that route will affect your "completion rate", hence the suggestion about reaching out to Customer Support since they will be able to cancel the order without it affecting the completion rate.

You would be notified on every order placed. Its also listed on your dashboard your ongoing orders. If he only paid for one then there really is only one order. An order doesn't start unless its paid for. 

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31 minutes ago, madonnasilva said:

@theratypist Thank you. Also, I delivered the order to one and hoping to contact the resolution center regarding the other but, now my client says he hasn't received the delivery

Here's the guide on using the Resolution Center: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/4417634484497-Using-the-Resolution-Center?segment=seller -- Remember the order cancellation rate will affect your statistics if you cancel it through here. Cancelling through Resolution center is different from contacting Customer Support.

As for the client not receiving the delivery, it should be there if you used the "deliver button". There are a lot of confusing parts to your story, if you actually have 2 orders open or just one. Just communicate with your client properly. It's not that hard to see a file being delivered.

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5 hours ago, chris_ld said:

Contact Customer Support


5 hours ago, joychandra_ said:

Contact Fiverr Customer Care.


16 hours ago, shafain876 said:

Contact with fiverr support team so that you can ask about your problem 

When replying to a question on the Fiverr Forum, it is best to ensure the answer has not already been given. If you do not, you appear foolish, and no one wants to look like a clown! 🤡




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