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Contacted and asked to accept jobs from whats app or telegram. Is this the correct method or is this a scam, first time user here



Hello guys and girls,

I've just started here last week. I have had 3 messages from people asking me to accept jobs and or contact them on either whats app or telegram. Im very worried about these option's. 

As ive yet to get a job through here I'm wondering if these are a scam, as I assume you will be notified by fiveer about someone contacted me through here. As these 3 messages dont show up in my inbox I'm unsure what is going on.

If came from the email address (attached the email as reference)

Fiverr <noreply@e.fiverr.com>

Will fivver notify me in my inbox of job messages? 

Thank you for helping with this mystery.

Dee from NZ :) 


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Yes, these are scams.

Never share your contact information on Fiverr or in any way communicate with buyers outside of the platform.

Scammers prey on new sellers because they know that you might not be familiar with the rules and terms.

If you get caught trying to communicate outside of the platform, your account is at risk. In addition, you are likely the victim of a scammer in the first place, since there is no real reason to contact buyers or sellers outside of the platform, when Fiverr has a perfectly good chat system.

If/when that would become necessary, it would only be allowed to share contact information that is required to complete a gig order – for example if you need their e-mail adress to log in somewhere. If that is the case, it must be done inside an active order, and never in regular chat

The e-mail itself seems to be legit, though. You should check your spam folder in your Fiverr inbox. The message could have been filtered out as spam. 


In any case, it's a good practice to never click links in e-mails. If you get a notification saying you've received a message on Fiverr, go to Fiverr.com manually and check your notifications and inbox.

Also, keep in mind that if a message has been flagged as spam and you respond to it or mark it as "not spam", it will count as a late response if the message was received more than 24 hours ago. It could affect your response rate/response time, so if a message has arrived in spam, you shouldn't respond to it or remove it from the spam folder if it's older than 24 hours, unless you're really sure that it's worth it. 

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Thank you for this, I've since found the spam folder and yes these emails are in there. So for reference I'll remember to check there.


I'm guessing that for jobs they are legit, they will appear in my inbox as normal? Sorry very new at this. 🙂

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