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Can I post the sample?


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2 hours ago, kratika24 said:

Should I post my work sample on medium.com if the buyer dislikes it? (Just to secure my work from getting used by him behind my back.)

If your buyer ended up canceling the order (in effect, they didn't pay for your services), you still own the rights to that work. You're free to post it wherever you want – as long as it doesn't contain personal information about anyone, confidential stuff, or anything the buyer would consider a breach of trust. An example would be if the buyer shared their private wedding photos with you so you could edit them. Then those photos belong to them, not you. You can't just share it. If it contains their company name/trademark or information considered proprietary, you should also be very careful about sharing it without their permission. 

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use watermarks. Or just google search the images and if you find them anywhere where they are using them for commercial use. DM me and i'll give you my lawyers contact. It happens to me all the time with my instagram account. Once a big insurance company took one of my photos and put it on a huge billboard in Chicago (where I live) and just out of sheer randomness I walked by it and saw my picture on this 200 ft billboard. Long story short, my lawyer reached out and they apologized and sent me a check for 15k. King of funny because I would have sold them the photo for pretty much nothing. 

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