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That reminds me of an old joke. 

Do you know why Moscow metro is closed every night from 2 AM to 6 AM?

No, why?

Because they repair it every night. 


Disclaimer: Please do not print this message unless it is necessary. Every unprinted message helps the environment.

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I'd created a support ticket about it but they didn't reply to the ticket until right at the end of the day when it had already been fixed (where they suggested removing cookies & cache, when I'd already said I'd removed cookies just in case they said that). I'm sure they updated the forum recently (from what it showed previously) which could have been something to do with it (which I'd mentioned to support). It seemed like almost nobody was able to post (or about 2 posts in 3 hours, mostly people were reacting to posts.

It would have been better if they'd put a message on the forum saying they were working on it if it was going to take time to fix, and maybe a message  on their twitter too once they knew about it.

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