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Crap, I posted this in suggestions, too. Buyer request gig selection bug!


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Almost every time I go to submit my gigs for a buyer request, I can only see 1-4 of my gigs.

Here’s an example of a buyer request – "I am looking for 5 reviews."

I have a gig called, "I will review anything 5x."

Andddddddddd the only gigs that show up are my completely irrelevant ones. SO I submit one of those and hope to dear God they are Fiverr pros and know that buyer requests are buggy as well as that I have other gigs. But that is an extra step for them and I am sure I lose buyers.

Anyone else have this problem? Can it be fixed that we can choose from any of our gigs for a request?


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Well, I haven’t requested any gig as buyer… But I think the problem is at buyer’s end… When buyer requests a gig, he might post it in wrong category.

For example if a person requests to get a logo designed and post it in category of Writing etc. Then sellers will not be able to send their logo gigs (from graphic design category) to that request…

Correct me please if I am wrong, because I also face this problem every now and then.


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You will only be able to choose one of your Gigs that is in the exact Category/Subcategory in which the Gig was posted. So if the request was posted in the Writing / Translation category, you will only see, and be able to choose from, your Gigs in that category. @forcrissake, you have several Gigs it the Writing Category but different Subcategories… They both have to match the buyer’s category.

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