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Do i get paid if buyer click on my affiliate link but didnt buy the gig directly?

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I hope all of you are fine. My question is that, if i share affiliate link and buyer will click on it and didnt buy the gig package plan directly and click on contact seller button and finally after mutually understanding of buyer and seller, manual order will be created. In this case, i will get the affiliate amount?

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Based on this (https://affiliates.fiverr.com/faq/) it depends on your commission plan.


After you register to our program, you’ll be given a unique affiliate link so you can track your performance and check your earnings.

Types of Commission Plans

  • CPA Commission qualification is for each user who is considered First-Time-Buyer (FTB). The first purchase from each customer is payable.
  • Hybrid Commission is a combination of CPA and revenue share.
  • Revenue Share Commission (RevShare) is X% of the order value.


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