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Can you upload more than three images?



I'm about to activate my first Gig here in the Programming & Tech > Website Builders & CMS > Full Website Creation category.  Since I haven't completed a paid gig yet, it seems that I could only upload three images of websites from my portfolio.  But as I look at other gigs in this category, I see that some other sellers have as many as twenty images of websites in their profiles.  I don't think I can adequately convey my abilities with only three images so I'm wondering if I will be able to add more images as I begin to make sales? It doesn't seem fair that I'm only allowed three when my competitors are allowed so many more.  Thanks.

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We can't upload more than three Image, but we have also addition two for pdf where you can upload your proof of work, PDF will attract your buyer, they will know what kind of services are providing them.

Other seller might have image more than 20, but those aren't upload by the seller. When you deliver your order you will get option to upload proof of work, there will be option to share those proof with people, by default it might not be enable. Please be careful while selecting those thing because if you are delivering sensitive or personal thing that will not be good for buyer.

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