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Fiverr account is dead


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I started Fiverr about a 12-18 months ago . I’ve never taken it seriously but it’s always been an interesting fun way to get some extra cash. I’ve always had periods Maybe 3-4 weeks with out a sale but recently I haven’t gotten a sale for 4+ months . I’ve been in exams so I had no time to worry about it but it’s strange that nothing on my account was changed and I’m still not getting even any enquiry’s. This summer I’m looking to take it more seriously and I’m wondering if this has happened to anyone else or if anyone could look at my account and help (I already know that the overall titles and images aren’t great but even with that I would always get some sales. 

any advice is appreciated (even if it’s harsh) 

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If you're not getting orders the normal way I'd send offers to buyer requests that you can do well so that you're more likely to start getting orders again.

Since you have 2 gigs with the exact same title it might be worth pausing one of them - or changing the title of one of them.

In "I will developmental, copy and line edit your ya manuscript" you say "can also be used a testimonials". Fiverr has stopped allowing testimonials so I'd remove that line or change it.

I'd maybe double check everything in the gigs is perfect (eg. gig images, description, FAQ).

Also one gig image says "$6 for 10K" but your basic price is $10 for 10K in that gig.

The gig image for "I will developmental, copy and line edit your ya manuscript" has text that gets cut off a bit on the profile. That gig also says "2 free revisions" but all your packages have 1 revision.

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