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Currently getting scammed as a seller.


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I have recently returned to fiverr and got a order again. I set up minecraft server for clients. Me and buyer agreed on what I was going to do before. The buyer insisted on the order being urgent so I finished in 1 day and delivered. Then the buyer requested a revision, it contained things that were not exactly in our agreement but were easy to do so I did them. Then the buyer requested a revision again, I again did the stuff because it was easy. Now they requested a revision again claiming the server crashes but since the first delivery the server did not crash, I am sure I had log files that supported this. Now the buyer removed my access to the server panel and removed me through the game so now I have no way of checking or fixing anything. Before he tried to do this I managed to get a screenshot showing the server working while he was claiming he didn't, I have a screenshot with time. He unplugged his internet and tried to connect to the server which gave an error message and screenshot that, and through the panel he shutdown the server and sent me a screenshot of that. I have contacted support about this but I have no hope. Can someone guide me through this? I had some bad experiences with clients but not bad as this.

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2 minutes ago, imagination7413 said:

Just to verify, it does say "Cancelled by Support" and not "Canceled by Buyer"? (If the latter, then it might have been a chargeback, in which place you might be able to contest it IF the service was delivered exactly as described in your gig and Order contract, and if there are no loopholes.)

It says Fiverr Customer Support cancelled your order.

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