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How can Improve the Positive Rating ?

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2 hours ago, naeem6322 said:

What to do in such a situation when you can't send buyers request when your rating is low?

I visited your profile and saw your 1-star review. The worst part of it is you never responded to that review. You should always respond to reviews so that you can explain how you addressed that buyer's concern.

Since you didn't respond, buyers visiting your site will only see that negative review: "Rip off!!! Only did 10% of the work !!! I demand a refund !!! Awful experience!!!!"

No one will know your side of the story. You could try to address your buyer concerns in your bio, but it will still be difficult for you to convince buyers to trust you and use your services.

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I am very grateful to you for checking my profile and looking at all the details. You also read all the feedback very carefully. You are right that I did not share my point of view ...

I shared all the details with Fiverr's support team during this order, but in the end, the order was canceled and a warning was received, and my positive rating dropped.

By incorporating all of this into my learning process, I want to know the step-by-step points that I can adopt to do better in the future, because this forum is also an opportunity to learn with the best income.

I look forward to your guidelines۔

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On 7/6/2022 at 1:03 AM, naeem6322 said:

What to do in such a situation when you can't send buyers request when your rating is low?


hey there,

before you follow any of these suggestions, please be aware the road ahead is tough. there is no guarantee it will be worth it in the end. But there is no reason not to try --


  1. read the TOS and do not make another mistake. that will likely get you permanently banned.
  2. calculate how many reviews you need exactly -- as far as I know, you only need an overall rating of 4 stars to apply for buyer requests.
  3. forget buyer requests -- you don't have the access. And new users rarely see them anyway. there is no point to it. 
  4. create new gigs -- Fiverr's matchmaking system works on machine learning. there is a good chance the AI will test new gigs, i.e., serve it before different buyer demographics. it's okay to delete or pause the under-performing gigs to create new ones. but give them each a month before you disqualify any. and don't delete the gig with the negative review.
  5. niche down -- target niches with few or zero gigs. if you can create a gig that exactly matches what a buyer is looking for, there is a good chance they will take the risk. for example -- instead of a winning product, offer something like winning fitness products for kids.
  6. portfolio or success stories -- there are so many websites that will host your portfolio for free. Fiverr allows some URLs that you can share on the platform. even if your gigs do not pick up, this will continue to help you in the long run.


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