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My Impression is falling down


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I dont know why My impression falling Down, its make My order Very quite, no one NEW buyer message Me. Its happen after I register to Be seller plus. my gigs suddenly can't use the promoted gigs feature.

can anyone give me a solution?

this is My account www.Fiverr.com/titansign


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HI @titansign, registering to Seller Plus has nothing to do with your gig ranking or your ability to qualify for Promoted Gigs.

Those metrics are related to your performance and could be a number of factors, from hidden reviews to the metrics you see tracked on your dashboard.

It looks like you are still staying busy - you delivered your last order 2 hours ago, you have at least 7 orders in queue, and you are delivering orders pretty much every day. So if your metrics look okay to you, just focus on keeping your current customers happy until more orders and new customers start coming through.

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