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Is editing a gig good or bad and how do I market myself on social media



Hello everyone! 

I edited my gigs more than once or twice. And now my gig impressions and clicks are so down. 

I've read alot of articles and comments on Fiverr forum, Quora and some other websites, where alot of people say editing a gig is bad and others say it's not. 

I'm a bit confused. And if editing my gig did affect my impressions and clicks, what should I do? Should I wait?

I've also read alot of posts on how to improve gig ranking, impressions and clicks. But none of the tactics seem to be working. I'm however fortunate to have gotten seven buyers before my impressions dropped.

I don't have a good social media appearance, how exactly do I market myself on social media. Alot of people I know, don't even know much about fiverr, neither are they interested in the services I offer.







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