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5 minutes ago, sarahlynn0493 said:

I unfortuantely had to take a few months out, and forgot to pause anything while I was off. My reply and delivery stats are rock bottom, so looking for any advice on what to do and how to start rebuilding them! 

To get back on track you need to do exactly what the stats require you do to. That means responding fast to any messages, delivering on time and so on. If you have any regular buyers you can work with, that would help, since you'll most likely have difficulties getting new buyers at this stage. 

If you have any clients outside of Fiverr, you could also bring them here and have them order through Fiverr, rather than doing business outside of the platform. Bringing excisting clients to Fiverr can help you get some orders in so you can start rebuilding your profile. 

In the meantime, you should take a look at this awesome list of things you can do during slow periods by @vickieito, because you probably won't be very busy on orders for the coming weeks. 


Best of luck!

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