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Unable to contact Buyer on Fiverr


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I was working with a buyer on Fiverr, and we were supposed to work on other orders in the future. However, it now looks like they are off the platform / were banned. When I go into their thread in the inbox, there's a message that says they "... can no longer be contacted. This will not affect your response rate."

How do I contact them inside Fiverr?

Also, this buyer has now reached out to me outside of Fiverr saying their account is inaccessible, and they don't know what happened. I am pretty easy to find with a Google Search — my usernames are the same everywhere, and I have a website and everything. I haven't initiated any communication with them yet outside of Fiverr.

My question: is it ok to respond to them and continue a relationship outside of Fiverr, now that they aren't part of the platform? Or is this still prohibited?

If this is prohibited, what other way do I have to work with this buyer?

Thanks for your time.


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I would stay far away from any buyer that says their account is inaccessible on Fiverr.

They may have blocked you so that you will be forced to work with them outside the Fiverr platform, where they will offer you less money than they would have on Fiverr.

Another possibility is that they may have had their account banned for a good reason by Fiverr. In March this year, you were a new seller and already had seven orders, which is doing better than most new sellers. However, new sellers are often contacted by scammers on Fiverr, and I would be concerned that this person is a scammer. My advice is to ignore them to ensure you do not lose your Fiverr account.

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