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This is the problem of being a beginner


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Hi, I’m mainly a ghost writer and I was “scammed” in the light meaning of that word. I have only one gig for Ghost Writing and I got a buyer. Obviously I knew nothing about this system, but since there weren’t any warnings on this and the support looked so concealed (yeah, I just remembered scrolling down after spending a lot of time looking for it) I thought to myself that this was safe and there was no possible way to be scammed…

What happened was the following: I did the job and delivered with the sale still in “incomplete”. Because it was written there that “only extra info was required” I thought that info was the one we talked about through the chat system…

I really wanted someone from administration to take a look at my issue, since I believe the buyer (FRAGGLESROCK) had no intention of stealing me since he said he uploaded the payment…

Can anybody help me? The article I wrote was quite long and I believe I deserve my reward… Also I believe that this user is not very active, since he didn’t replied to any further message after getting the article… I wanted to refer some friends to this website, but if this ain’t scam-proof then I would be sad and wouldn’t refer anyone…

Sheriff’s Note: Calling out others is not allowed on this Forum.

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You didn’t get scammed but you don’t know how fiverr works for sure!

When a buyer order your gig you’ll get a email notifications with your info for the buyer and the info from the buyer for you to start working on the gig.

You can’t call out buyer or seller on the forum so I suggest you to remove the username.

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@joaoleites You really need to read some of the basic posts for new members about how to use Fiverr. You were fortunate to be dealing with an honest person who you weren’t able to properly guide to buy your gig. Fiverr isn’t “scam-proof” because it’s just a platform to bring together buyers and sellers. And unfortunately, there are dishonest people out there. You have to protect yourself.

Here are a couple posts to get started:

Fiverr Seller Basics http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/11298/fiverr-faq-sellers#Item_1

Fiverr Seller Basics http://forum.fiverr.com/discussion/18862/seller-start-up-basics/p1

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