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What/Whose music has you hooked this summer?

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This topic resurfaces from time to time but it's been a while - so I thought I'd ask again!
Personally, I had the chance to watch Hamilton (the musical) two days ago and the soundtrack is STUCK in my head right now. I've heard some of the songs before, but now they are all I can listen to (well, will be for a bit, at least!)
So... what are YOU listening to right now? 

(also, if you're debating to watch Hamilton or not... Do it if you have the chance. It's... amazing.)

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Recently i discovered an artist called "Danheim" And i regret not discovering it earlier.

They produce some dark, ritualistic norse folk kinda music. Not many vocals, but when they use it, its amazing. There are some throat singing aswell. Very inspiring. They also have a youtube stuff called "Fimbul Radio" 24/7 live viking music. So you can get depressed anytime you want.

I love it more than i should. Its concerning.

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