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My brother complete his 1st order, he did not have a bank account, so he made his Payoneer account and in there he use my IBAN for bank transfer. Is that possible? Or against any policy of Fiverr? And he received a mail from Fiverr 'Your request to get payments from Fiverr is approved'.  All I want to say is that, can transfer funds to my account or not? He uses the same name in the Payoneer sign-up when asking for 'Account Name' as has in his Fiverr profile, but uses my IBAN number of bank account. Is everything looking all right to you? And a request for payment is also approved.

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36 minutes ago, yasirahmad_123 said:

All I want to say is that he has his own Payoneer account but when signing up, because he does not have bank account, he uses my IBAN no,

And again: if you have payoneer account and your bank account attached to both yours and his payoneer then you are violations payoneer TOS. 
Fiverr approved it because it’s different payoneer but you are risking loosing both of your payoneer accounts. 

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