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How I can improve my gig, please advise what is missing and what can i add in this to improve.


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I would double check the grammar in your Gig description. Also, include any visual examples of websites you have worked on. Examples help A LOT! I always look for examples. They are very important. If you have any, show them in the gallery or include a list or previous sites you have worked on.

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56 minutes ago, habibyeasin85 said:

Please check my gig image and suggestion?

complete technical seo audit repoort and error fix.jpg

Too much text. It will be unreadable on mobile. You should use as little text as possible, and only focus on the most important value proposition. If you can, getting some professional business photos taken of yourself (dress nicely) to use in your thumbnails, will help create trust. Using a random stock photo of a guy doesn't feel very authentic or original. 

Hope this helps! 🙂

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