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My 2 gigs get denied instantly. Why?

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Hi. I recently published 2 gigs and they got instantly denied. I'm sure they are following community standard and TOS. And there are also a lot of similar providers. 

Here're some details about my gig:

Title: i will build pinescript tradingview indicator, strategy, screener

- Basic: Build, customize, modify basic script with limited condition, plots, with 2 or less indicators
- Standard: Advanced strategy, indicator, screener, alert, with 4 or less combined indicators
- Premium: Complex strategy, indicator, screener, alert with money management, and 6 or less indicators


Hi, I'm an experienced Pinescript developer and I will transform your trading ideas into Tradingview script.

I recommend you send me a message about your ideas and requirements in order to help you choose the most suitable gig

What do I have to offer in my script for you:

- Modify your existing script.
- Combine multiple indicators into your script.
- Add alert to the indicator (Alert message can work with your automated bots).
- Add Take profit, Stop loss, Trailing TP, Trailing SL.
- Build Backtest strategies from indicators.
- Pinescript version upgrade.
- Build a customized multi-timeframe screener.
- Add month-to-month money management to the script.
- Customized and changeable parameters for the script. You'll be able to control all over your script.
I do not provide ready-to-use script, because my work with other clients are confidential 

Please help!

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