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Doubt about the title of my gig's on Fiverr



Good afternoon, 

I am optimizing my GIG's titles right now and I have a question.

I'm putting the following keywords into Fiverr and I'm getting the following searches:

Keyword research= 5.700 
Keyword research and competitor analysis = 20.100
Ahref keyword research = 1.600
In depth keyword research= 7.100
Excellent seo keyword research= 4.700
Profitable keyword research = 18.100


My question is, as a NEW seller should I “fight” for the most competitive keywords (Keyword research and competitor analysis = 20.100) or "fight” for the least (Ahref keyword research = 1.600)

Or now that I have 2 stars, I put titles with less competition, but as soon as I have more stars I change the titles and “fight” for the most competitive words.



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