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Yas! an Ixpart!

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I have recently achieved the level two seller badge on here and I'm a top-rated seller on another platform (with massive success and great returning buyers). I wanted to establish a portfolio website (yes, I'm late though) and look 'expert' haha haha (evil-laugh)... 

I don't have any idea about what goes in a portfolio website and wanted to ask for some 'valuable tips'.

Pray for me!

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Most Important Features to include on Your Portfolio site


1. Logo with Tagline

2. Call to Action

3.High Quality Images



6.Contact Information

7.Information about yourself


9.Relevant Social Media Accounts

10.Relevent Personal Projects

11. A FAQ Section

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2 hours ago, wordsfire said:

All that + samples of your writing 



  • Logo isn't important.
  • Don't overuse images.
  • Don't create new social media accounts only to list them on your website. 
  • Don't let snowflakes' opinion get in your way. They'll always find something to cry about. 

Here is some sample of portfolio theme :

Sample 1: 



Sample 2



Now it will be easy for you to understand how many sections and category you should add to your portfolio website. 

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