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Gigs title filtering words

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Can't we lighten the work of moderators? Why tolerating "I will draw you anime girl NSFW" Gigs? It's obviously against the standards! Fiverr Moderators work on our tons of reports we wrote, this is a crucial role for the integrity of the platform but it's also a heavy and tiring task that takes time.

Fiverr could filter certain words in Gig titles such as: "nsfw" that have "3,121 services available" from the search bar! It will certainly not stop them from selling this kind of content but it will stop them from doing "only nsfw" gigs. Then they would use the description, not the title, so they can't bring "only nsfw" interested customers anymore, slowing down the illegal traffic and so reducing the number of reports. 

This would be effective, killing two birds with one rock.

Bests regards and hopes, Thank you.

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