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Why does Fiverr change the currency (USD-€) automatically, is it possible to control it?



I didn't know, but it seems that if I send a custom offer (in my country I only have the option to do it in usd), Fiverr automatically generates it as if it were euros, when a buyer in the euro zone receives it.

Both currency are actually worth about the same today, there shouldn't be much of a mess, although there have been times when the difference is more drastic, so this could be relevant then.

One buyer is asking me to make him the offer in usd (something I already did as I pointed out), but he sees it only in EUR. Why does fiverr do this automated currency exchange? Does anyone know if it is possible to make sure to send an offer, in a specific currency? Thanks if anyone knows anything.


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6 minutes ago, agenciawem said:

Why does fiverr do this automated currency exchange?

Because your buyer has EUR currency selected in his browser. 
Fiverr shows prices in the default currency that every person chose for their browser. 
your client can scroll down to the bottom of fiverr page and just click to change his currency from EUR to USD 

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Having the same issue, it does not allow me to enter a Euro amount in the offer section. Only USD.
My settings are set to Euros and so are my clients. 

After sending the USD Offer, then the Euro amount finally shows up, and by then its not accurate
and cant be changed. The client thinks hes getting 20 Eur offer, and then its 21 instead.. see attached


Screenshot 2022-09-08 at 14.21.06.png

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