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Tips to increase visitors and create a decent campaign for promotion


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I often find a lot of buyers provide quite a bit of information when promoting their product, I understand they are providing as much information as they can to attract visitors but in my experience short grabby titles have proven better in long term seo. You dont need to provide a novel as it will simply not attract interest, it is basically the same as a slowly loading website people often wait 2-4 seconds and if the action is still pending they will move on elsewhere. I usually suggest for buyers to create a short title that tells potential customers key factors such as:

  1. what they are offering
  2. how they can get it
  3. and why they need the product (difficult but proves beneficial)

    I would also suggest steering away from things such as check it out at the end of the title as if they find it interesting they will visit the website anyway and in the end proves a waste of valuable characters, (you need to maximize your given space).

    This can be quite beneficial when promoting through websites such as facebook and twitter, for seo purposes such as bookmarks you should use titles that describe your product and attach key tags for instance you have a chemist website you should use key tags relevant to that niche such as products,medical,health, shampoo, etc etc

    Example for a promotion on facebook for a cinema website:

    Monday movie specials now available online

    Glens top 20 movie picks of 2012

    Free child admission on selected purchases (bound to draw interest in the family market, keep it short and sweet and it’s bound to draw interest keeping in mind in this case it is only relevant to families it is not widespread)

    Deceptive titles

    I find these are a big no,no and can damage brands for instance I have had to refuse some affiliate websites due to the fact the promotional title is something to do with losing 10 kilos over night yet the website was something to do with cash advances, not only are you promoting your product to the wrong niche you are damaging the brand by advertising something you don’t have/do. Reputations fly incredibly fast via social media and review websites so it is wise to keep it strong.

    Feedback from people buying your product after promoting your site.

    You need feedback it is vital for you to sustain and grow your business if you haven’t been sending surveys to your clients after there sales I recommend you do as it allows you to get a first hand experience of what your buyer thought of your product/service, trust me you do not want a negative review popping up on a review website and having to chase them down so getting a first hand experience in resolving the matter before it goes public is vital. In the event you do find a negative review on a website this is now the perfect time to show your resolution skills and make a public response, don’t get angry at the buyer you need to understand they have paid good money for your product and expected to get value. You need to have clear set procedures in your organization and refer the buyer to them if they have missed them and based their review on something you have already listed about the product. If you are not getting feedback privately try offering a $100 store credit as a winning prize for a lucky reviewer of your site.

    Further strategies:

    Facebook has some awesome features you can use including offer codes, this allows you to create a unique offer then promote it via fan pages, it will also automatically tell you how many people have claimed the offer below and can promote consumer demand ie popularity.

    Furthermore creating your own discount coupons from your website and including them in the promotional message also can be a hit as potential clients love limited time offers delivered right to them. Although you do not want to over do it as I had a client who was sending out the same one regularly in this case it was limited time free shipping which caused client numbers to peak during the free shipping times and afterwards sales would slow down during his regular shipping fees causing his stock to remain dormant in his rented space. Promotions are all about timing and careful planning.

    Anyway I hope you have enjoyed some of my basic tips and obviously everyone always needs a case by case promotion written according to their unique website but I have done my best to float some ideas 🙂

    Good luck 😃
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