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Spotlight on your advice, stories, and success

We recently published a spotlight post where we requested to hear from you, our talented designers. We wanted to show off our own, get to know each other, and inspire our ever-growing group of talented freelancers.

The comments flooded in, but sadly, we could only choose a few. Below are the insights from the community that we have put together, for this group only.


Hey! I’m Dibujantis. I have been working here since 2015 and I’ve had wonderful experiences, met amazing people, and developed fantastic projects. I find the Logo Maker very interesting. Sometimes I work on versions that clients do not choose for the final product but still have amazing quality (and sometimes are my favorites despite the client's choice). Fiverr’s Logo Maker gave them a second chance and it is amazing to know that I could help other projects and the logo is real and alive!

I love the versatility of the logos. It was super nice to see that, for example, a cute elephant could represent a school, a developer, childcare, or a fashion brand.

I focus on my style because it is my specialty and what I enjoy most. But I feel it is wide enough to match different industries depending on the colors, fonts, and feelings you add to the base.

To new Logo Maker sellers, I would say - Look for industry trends but remember–it is way better to have fewer designs but amazing logos rather than many that will look like other people’s work and will not have your personal touch.


Hi, I’m Sakib Hossain, a physically disabled person. However, I always believe that if the brain is ok, then everything is ok, which is why I love my Journey with Fiverr.

I always wait to welcome new opportunities. Fiverr Logo Maker was the best opportunity to create a logo according to my own dream and to show my creativity to the world.

It’s a really awesome feature that increases my earnings every day. 

My recommendation is to start using Fiverr Logo Maker immediately. Before sellers start publishing on the Logo Maker, they need to study the system which will very beneficial to increasing their sales. 


Hi! I'm Ognen Trpeski @trpeskidesign. Fiverr has been a wonderful experience overall, and a complete game-changer for my lifestyle, balance, and day-to-day activities. It has provided me with a platform that has exposed my talents to the entire world. That is priceless and something I will never take for granted. My career has elevated to new heights where the world is my client and an infinite stage where I can sell my skills and services.

At first, I was hesitant to use the Logo Maker, as nothing can replace the human, creative instincts and the level of quality and originality someone can provide at a specific task. Today the Logo Maker has improved drastically and is the closest thing you can get from an automated intelligence creator that competes with the human brain.

When designing for the Logo Maker you can focus on a certain style, although it’s better if you are multi-disciplined. That way, you can cater to a wider audience instead of waiting on a specific client that would only come to you for your unique style. If you can balance the two,  that would be the best-case scenario.

For new designers considering using the Logo Maker, I say–try it for yourself. I was once a skeptic too, but today, I have over 50 symbols on the platform that potential clients can explore and manipulate to bring their own, unique flavor. Hopefully, Fiverr will allow us to upload more in the near future so the library can expand.

Hi I'm cherylgig, I have been using Fiverr since 2016. I started as a Photoshop editor but now I am a logo and icon designer. My experience with Fiverr has been amazing. Ups and downs came in my Fiverr career but I never thought about leaving, because I think it is the best marketplace.

When I first joined the Logo Maker I thought it would be difficult to sell logos, but it was so easy. I love the user experience. It’s simple to us, and I also appreciate the color palette feature. It really helps the designer choose the best color combination inside the app.

I didn't have any idea what I should publish when I first started. I just randomly designed a few logos and uploaded them without any research, but gradually I learned what people specifically wanted, and started to work on those ideas.

Now, I design the logos Fiverr suggests to me, by checking what category is in demand. 

When it comes to styles and genres I think a designer should focus on the style they are good at rather than trying different styles which are not their expertise.

I will definitely recommend using the Fiverr forum for new designers, where they can know what people are searching for on Logo Maker and what is trending. It will help them to grow faster.


Logo maker was a game-changer for us. Instead of making a website and trying to sell them on our own, Logo Maker gave us the opportunity to establish a real passive income.

We have a mission to help everyone to get a well-designed and industry-standard logo. We began by sketching ideas that fit most industries to keep our logo production streamlined.

Keep making and creating logos, you don't have to sell them all 🙂


Being a seller on Fiverr’s Marketplace means I have so many unsold logos, and many customers choose only one design and the others are left alone. But with the Logo Maker, I could sell them on this platform as well 😄

Before creating a new design for an industry, I thoroughly studied and researched on the internet, other sites, and also on the forums about what people are demanding, then I started making designs for that.

Even if you don’t get sales- don't stop creating logos. Once you have built a portfolio big enough, you’ll start getting a passive income from it while you rest 😄


I am a full-time designer on Fiverr and I have been since 2012, and I’m so happy to be part of this community.

At first, I was skeptical about the Logo Maker, but now I have enjoyed earning from this feature–it’s amazing.

My main goal is that my logos be unique, and have the power to enhance the image of a business. I started my designing process by looking for general logo references commonly used by a specific industry.

To sellers thinking about trying the Logo Maker, I would say that this feature is the most appropriate means to develop your talents and creations--don't hesitate to try.




Over the past few months, we conducted one-on-one interviews with sellers to better understand their experience with the Logo Maker, and see how we could enhance your experience. 

We want to thank those we reached out to, and thank them for their time and advice. Your input was incredibly valid. 

Sellers from this community inspired us, and truly helped us understand the Logo Maker sellers better. 

Thank you so much for the collaboration. 


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