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Instructions for tags are not accurate


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I’m new to Fiverr, so I could be making a horrible mistake, but I don’t see how I can be. In the “Create a new Gig” section, why does it say “min. three tags separated by commas” when it is not possible to type a comma at all? When you type something and hit either comma or enter, then it enters the tag. While you can use the comma button to enter tags, you cannot use commas to separate them!

Yes, this is a very tiny issue (one that does not prohibit any functionality whatsoever) but it still bugs me. Can one of the web-developers at Fiverr reword that part of the tags section? It may be confusing to future users of this website.

I would have contacted Fiverr directly, but I can’t, so I decided to post my gripes here.

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