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The Withdrawal Option Was Disabled


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Hello everyone,

I really had the most insecure situation with Fiverr today and I want to share my experience with you.

I noticed today that I am not getting my Fiverr payments. It said I needed to contact support. But as we all know, the support team is not enough as always.

- Responses are very slow.
- Even if you give a detailed explanation, it is very difficult to understand whether the person in front of you is a robot or really a human being.
- They never solve problems. When we say this, we are blamed.
- They are always on the buyer's side and abuse you.

I will describe my experience, item by item.

Order Number : #FO5E1BFC4841

- The buyer shared a reference photo and said he wanted the same. In order to establish intimacy with the buyer, I made a 50% discount.
- The buyer said that he could not find the emotions he wanted in the work I did, and then it was repeated 3 times.
- I submitted the work last week. (The work was delivered in accordance with all terms and conditions.)
- The buyer reviewed and accepted the work. He said he was very pleased and thanked him.
- Order completed.

- Then the buyer sent a message saying he had some copyright concerns. (I explained to the buyer in good language that I was doing the job requested from me and that I was not a legal consultant.)
- The buyer is uninformed about the service he purchased and technical issues. For this reason, he is a person who abuses something that bothers me for a week by saying change it even though I have asked him many times. (However, all his demands were fulfilled.)
- Even though the order was completed and 10 days passed, he repeatedly harassed me with messages and asked me to prepare other works again without paying.
- He complained to me about it. AND FIVERR STOPPED MY WITHDRAWALS.

- Under the protection of Fiverr, the buyer is abusing the system by paying only once and trying to create many variations.

I sent the delivery and buyer's satisfaction messages to Fiverr Support team. They can examine them one by one. No problem for me.

But they do not respond. Today is the 29th of the month. Trusting Fiverr, I delayed my payments to the end of the month and my withdrawals were stopped for such a ridiculous reason. I was holding a lot of payments in my account and they are all completely out of reach.

I would like to point out what this will cause.

- We will never have money on Fiverr again.
- We can never make plans relying on Fiverr.
- Buyers can use us as much as they want, so we will now need to open accounts on other platforms.
- Never again can we accept high paying jobs without fully knowing the buyer. (They can complete the order. After that, they may come back months later and ask for different things. They may harass you. They may work without pay.)

As Fiverr Employees, I see that we are all starting to lose their trust now. If this issue is not resolved today, all my payments will be delayed and the damage will completely affect me.

But now that I have no hope for the Fiverr support team, I'm starting to accept this.

Best Regards,


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I want to update about the situation.

- We talked to the customer about the issue and resolved the disagreements between us.
- But Fiverr still isn't fixing it and their support staff are telling me they won't fix it right away.
- My client texts them and tells them to fix it.
- I'm sending them screenshots saying that my client and I have agreed on this and that it should be removed.

But the support team continues to abuse me.

Best Regards,


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- Then the buyer sent a message saying he had some copyright concerns. (I explained to the buyer in good language that I was doing the job requested from me and that I was not a legal consultant.)


If I read this correctly and this began as a query over copyright, i.e. that perhaps your design incorporated elements or was substantially similar to existing copyrighted work (perhaps that it was too similar to a design locatable on the Internet or elsewhere) then Fiverr has no alternative but to investigate by itself with no further input required from you or the buyer. This takes time since it's an intricate matter and needs legal input too.

**This would include, let's say, IF you made some kind of graphic based on the client's reference photo and your end result is still similar to that. It's kind of hard to be sure what your error was without seeing the 'reference photo' and your work. If you copied for him--even following his instructions--someone else's design in any way, then you as the supplier should know you cannot do that and therefore should start by saying to the buyer that the service he's requesting is not allowed due to copyright.**

If the buyer presented to you concerns along the lines that he feared the work was not wholly original and/or may get him into legal trouble, then your response to the buyer was not appropriate. 'I am not a legal expert' does not address whether your design was original or not. I reiterate, if he asked you to copy something that was copyrighted (or likely to be), then it's understandable he'd come back with concerns later and that you're now in an awkward position.

There's nothing you can do but wait for the outcome. The fact that 'the buyer was satisfied' is immaterial. Let's suppose the buyer WAS satisfied until he began to have copyright concerns!

An appropriate response to the buyer could have been more along the lines of, 'I'm so sorry that you're worried my design is too similar to your reference photo (X design) but let me put your mind at rest by redeveloping the (detail that worries the client) and I'll revert to you in (X days) with something that will protect you better'.

Saying that 'I am not a legal expert' could have been what started the complaint to Customer Support by the buyer.

Of course, I could have misconstrued the whole of the above! 🙂 But it's how the post came across to me, that's all.

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