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The impression of my gig is just decreasing day by day.



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Impressions don't really matter much.

Clicks and conversions matter more. The only thing you can do is to improve your gig, which could include getting a gig video (those are a lot more effective that a gig image/photo), better SEO in your titles etc, a stronger portfolio, making sure your spelling and grammar is perfect, comparing to your competition and making appropriate adjustments, reconsidering your pricing structure.

Don't pay too much attention to things like impression statistics though. It is easy to obsess over but doesn't mean much. Fiverr is always changing your position in the rankings so that everyone has a chance near the front and also near the back, to make it fair. When you are near the back of the list of searches you will naturally have low impressions. It's not your fault and you cannot avoid this. Everyone has it from time to time.

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This is Samima Nasrin Urmi, a professional digital marketer, and social media expert. (from your profile description)

Suggest you use your expertise to market your own Fiverr business.

15 minutes ago, samimaurmi said:

But since then I have not received any knock.

Also, suggest you use the word "contact" instead of "knock" in your communications as that will come across as more professional.

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24 minutes ago, samimaurmi said:

After opening the fiverr account I did some work. At that time I got some response. But since then I have not received any knock. Still the same. What can I do in such a situation?

As @lloydsolutions pointed out, you claim to be a "Professional Digital Marketing Expert", but you are here asking how to market your gig. Maybe you should remove the fake skills from your gig and sell something that you actually know how to do. It is not honest to take money for a service that you cannot even perform for yourself. Maybe a nice Photoshop background removal service, or there is a psychic section if you can't work Photoshop.

Also, you should remove "fluent" in English if you are going for that whole honesty thing.

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Having the same issue after leveling up, Could be Fiverr Ranking down leveled up sellers and promoting new sellers because the last of being a new seller I was flooded with orders. 

Maybe gig rank shuffle I'm not sure though.

Hope this fixes for us soon.

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I think you should change the gig

you can do this following steps

1. Reshuffle your keywords with high and low volume keyword

2. Perfectly  push your keywords in gig

3. If the gig image is not  perfect , try to more eye cache

4. last but not the least gig marketing

you can apply these mentioned steps 1-3 if your gig is old than 2.5 months rather you should do gig marketing with strategy.

thank you

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