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What to do to go up to 5.0?



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4.9 is still a great rating and will not affect you. There is no way to "fix it" (and you don't need to) other than by getting more 5 star reviews, and there is nothing you can do to change it.

Try to think about what you could have done to make the client experience better, and also learn to accept that we ALL sometimes get less than 5 star reviews. It is just part of the fiverr experience. Try not to stress out too much. It is still a good overall rating.

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10 hours ago, apponislam said:


One of my buyers mistakenly gave a low rating. Now what to do to fix it. I can't get much work for this.
Or how many more ratings will it be okay?

I'm a top rated seller with a best-selling translation gig. It has 4.9, and had it for over a year now, due to a buyer leaving less than stellar feedback due to a 15 minute delay (lol). Another one left a 3.3 rating but didn't explain why he wasn't totally satisfied, so I can only assume it was some sort of communication issue going on with the buyer. 

Anyway... I consistently land huge projects (sometimes in the 2000 dollar range and up!) on that gig. 

A 4.9 overall rating isn't bad. 

To get up to five stars again, you need loads of five-star reviews. I'm terrible at math, so I'm not going to calculate this for you, but if you keep delivering excellent quality and support to your buyers, you'll at least stay on 4.9 for a while. One day, you'll wake up with a 5 star overall rating again. In the meantime: stop worrying so much about the stars, and worry more about how you can improve to impress your future buyers. 🙂 

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