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"Commercial Use" checkbox not clickable Basic Package / Standalone package

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Lately I received some "Action required" notifications from fiverr saying that I should make some adjustments to increase my Gigs visibility.

Besides the fact that some subcategories changed in my field of work (photo editing) where I needed to pick the right one fiverr also want me to disable the "Commercial Use" checkmark on the pricing page for basic packages or for standalone packages where there are no other packages available to choose from.
The moment I deselect the "Commercial Use" checkbox by clicking on it, it greys out and is not clickable again.

I contacted CS who was very responsive and explained the Commercial Use situation like this to me:


.....Here's how it works: Generally, when an order on Fiverr is marked as Completed, commercial rights for the delivered work is transferred to the buyer automatically unless you offer a Commercial Use License as a Gig extra or as part of one of your packages.
In such cases, the buyer needs to purchase this Gig extra, or order the correct package, in order to have the rights to use the work commercially,
If you do not mention commercial use anywhere in your Gig packages or Gig extras, then your buyer simply gain the full rights to it when the order is Completed.....

The problem that I am seeing here:
I think most buyers are not aware of the fact that when an order on Fiverr is marked as Completed, commercial rights for the delivered work is transferred to the buyer automatically.

So from a buyers perspective I think the Packages that say "commercial use" will be preffered over Gig packages from other sellers that do not have that included.

So from a sellers perspective its important to be able to include this in the Package even if its just the basic package. Cause if only the basic package has that part missing the buyer will think that he will gain only commercial rights when ordering the standard or premium package but as they differ in service and price he will propably refuse to order.

As a suggestion I think all packages should be able to make a checkmark on the "commercial use" field or it should be completly removed as when an order is completed the buyer gets the commercial rights anyway.

  1. What are your thought on this as fiverr sellers and buyers?
  2. Is this only something effecting sellers in the photo and videoediting field only?
  3. As a fiverr seller do you have created a work around that worked out good for you?

Thanks for all ideas. Have a great week!

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Fiverr action required2.jpg

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