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click and impressions are very low


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5 hours ago, nazrul780 said:

In a few days, gig impressions and clicks have completely decreased, What needs to be done to improve?

Make sure that you are online most of the time and send buyer requests every day. Hopefully you will achieve good results if you keep doing this for 1-2 months.


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It is normal for impressions to go up and down on Fiverr. But, if you are getting low impressions consistently, you need to reproduce your gig. It should contain as many highly searched words as you can add so you appear in the searches of the people. But don't keep editing your gig every other day, this will push you back speaking from personal experience.

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Have you heard of "Level 1 Hell"? Many sellers notice a drop in sales after getting promoted to Level 1.

Here are other things you can do when your orders drop:



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