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Top Favorites "Fiverr Freelancers: The Money In The Bank" Summer Sales - 2022 today:

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These are the Top Level 2 Sellers on Fiverr I can only list I've seen on Fiverr's online marketplace.

1. @vickieito - Creative Writer
2. @imagination7413 - Artist & Designer.
3. @frank_d - Video Editor

Sorry, I don't know anyone else. These are the only people I've see active on the forum. But maybe I should spend little more time to get to know some sellers on the forum, one day.

You may leave a comment, which member (seller) is your favorite on the forum, and why.

"World's Top Fiverr Freelancer 2023: The Money In The Bank" logo designed by Danny Kojima


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Need to fixed.
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I appreciate the complement, but I'm only level 1. ^^;

As for "active on the forum"... okay, yeah, fully guilty of that one.

If you want other good forum people, then almost everyone on this list: https://community.fiverr.com/topmembers/?filter=pp_reputation_points (Though some of them haven't been active in a fair while.)

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1 hour ago, dannykojima1 said:

Thank you so much @newsmike! I did not know that Frank was a forum moderator. That's really awesome. 🙂

I’m also not a video editor.

I’m an animator/creative director.

Not sure what this post was about, probably a way to promote your logo design, but thank you for including me.


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18 hours ago, dannykojima1 said:

1. @vickieito - Creative Writer

That's nice of you @dannykojima1! But I'm a relatively new Level 2 and still pretty new to freelancing and this forum. I'm also not a creative writer (but would like to be)! I'm a technical writer who likes to summarize data and organize information.

I do like your WWF-style logo, though! If you want the true contenders in the Fiverr marketplace, the lists that @imagination7413 and @mbamunna provided are good places to start. The lists includes many of the forum members that I follow. As an underdog, I wouldn't last more than 2 seconds in the ring with these top performers. Luckily Fiverr isn't done WWF-style!

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It's okay. Look at me, I'm not a level 2 and a "Nobody freelancer" like you guys. Hahaha. Well, I thought you were a creative writer, but it doesn't matter. I checked your gigs when we followed each others. You seem like a nice person who will reach out to help other fellow sellers and buyers on the forum. 🙂

The reasons why I picked one of you as the Top freelancers/sellers because I can one day orders one of your gigs for my comic. The WWF/WWE style logo is fun to created with Fiverr on it, and I love doing that. But I don't want Fiverr and WWE come after me with the lawsuit. 😂

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On 6/25/2022 at 6:49 PM, dannykojima1 said:

These are the only people I've see active on the forum.

By the link that @imagination7413 left, you will see that I was once very active on the Fiverr Forum. However, the Forum has changed and is not the place I once liked to stop by to visit several times daily as I once did.

On 6/26/2022 at 9:23 AM, newsmike said:

There are some people I miss on that list for sure. 

Me too Mike, me too.


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