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I am a new seller in Fiber but still I am not getting any order.


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32 minutes ago, ak_kamrul said:

I am opening an account on Fiverr and giving 3 gigs. It's been about two months but I haven't received any order yet and what can I do to get the first order?
Please Visit my Fiverr account Link https://www.fiverr.com/ak_kamrul

You joined last month. You're also selling things that are in the popular category, meaning you have a lot of competition. It takes time to get orders as a new buyer, but you can't expect immediate results after only a month. 

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Forum administrators have now moved your topic to the correct category.

5 hours ago, ak_kamrul said:

what can I do to get the first order?

I can promote any product or services or business to millions of people according to your target". 

The above is from your profile description.

Suggest you use your expertise to promote your own Fiverr business.

The sky's the limit!

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