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Express Gig and an unresponsive buyer - help!


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Hi All,

I have an Express Gig with a 100% positive rating. A buyer gave me incorrect info, so I sent a message with a screenshot attached as verification that the information provided wasn’t working. As this was an Express Gig, I had only 24 hours to complete the order. A few hours before the deadline, I messaged the buyer once again and contacted Customer Service. This was nearly 24 hours ago, and I haven’t heard from the buyer or from Customer Service! Now, the Gig is marked as “Very Late.” I messaged CS again, asking for their advice on how to proceed…still nothing. I’ve noticed that now, my Gig is no longer marked as “Express,” despite EVERY other order being delivered within hours of submission. What should I do?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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