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English skill test issues

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I did my English Skill Test and as I clicked submit it crashed and took me back to the homepage. My gig is still in my drafts. I’m guessing I need to retake it tomorrow because I didn’t get a grade. Has this happened to anyone else? I know I passed it because English is my first language. It was very easy for me. I don’t understand this issue. 

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Hopefully you are able to retake the test today! If not, please contact Customer Support for help.

My English skills test also crashed when I was in the middle of taking it.

When  I tried to retake it the next day, it gave a message that I had to wait 90 days to retake it. However, since there wasn't a score, I clicked on the retake button, and it let me retake the test. After that, I was able to publish my gig.

If English is your first language, it won't take long to retake the test (it was only 10 minutes for me).

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