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Fiverr "Availability" Feature is not Working


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Greetings, have this ever happened to you guys?

In my case, I configured that I will not available because of holiday until 30 June 2022. The system said that I will not receive any order or new message until 30 June. But it turn out this feature is bugging. I'm still receiving order and message and it caused my average reply time to 5 days as in the picture. Can someone help me please because I'm new user and I didn't expect this feature has bugs. Now it leaving a bad reply history on my profile. Thank you in advance.


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Your profile is showing that your are available (and there is no OOS message):


If you did the Out-Of-Office (OOS) correctly, it would show as unavailable (and visitors would see the OOS message):

Please double check how you set up your OOS. Make sure the "Enable new buyers on Fiverr to contact me" is unchecked.


You might also want to check this OP's thread (this OP also saw the 'unavailable' message when other forum members couldn't see it):


And you can read the Help Center's article on setting your availability here:


Hopefully this helps! If you still have issues, please reach out to Customer Support for help.

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Thank you very much for your replies. I did double check my configuration and yes the Enable new buyers on Fiverr to contact me checkbox is already in unticked condition, yet my status still showing "Online". That's why I'm confused. I think I already followed the right procedure 😔.

The Checkbox is in Unticked Condition.png

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