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Payment transaction getting reversed



I've been trying to pay for a gig but constantly getting payment errors. The two errors I get are: 

"Sorry, we were unable to process your payment,"

"translation missing: en.error.finance.pay.error.gateway_error.title"

My bank says that the problem is not on their end and their VISA cards always work with Fiverr: "This is not an issue from our end. Please contact Fiverr customer support in this regard. All we are getting is a reversal hit, also known as a temporary hold transaction. The reversal transaction is getting initiated by Fiverr. Please contact their support team in this regard." I've contacted them multiple times and they constantly say that everything's fine on their end.

I contacted the Fiverr customer support and this is what I got in reply: "According to the information that I see, it appears that Fiverr did not receive the funds for the transaction. If a pending transaction appears on your bank statement, then note that it is being canceled and the hold/reservation your bank put on the funds is being released. You should see the funds in your credit card balance within the next 2-10 days."

I don't understand this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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1 hour ago, agenciawem said:

Maybe you could tried with payoneer or paypal...

PayPal is not available in my country. Credit/debit card is the only option for me. I also tried Google Pay. That's also not working.

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