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25 minutes ago, softcodetech said:

Pease I need help. I have been on fiverr actively for one month, I have zero orders, low impressions count. How do I start getting  impressions and orders  ?

What have you done already to market your own business? Do you have a business plan in place? What is your value proposition, and how are you going to tell potential buyers about it? 

Have you researched your niches and made sure you're offering something unique? I see that you're in the web dev category. That's one of the most competitive verticals on Fiverr. So unless you're offering something unique that buyers are looking for, you might find it difficult to stand out. 

Since you're new on Fiverr, buyers have few reasons to trust you and pick you over someone else. It's difficult to get started. You can't just create a gig and expect people to come buying. You need to put your back into research and know your customers before you set up anything. 

Since you don't have any reviews yet, you have very little to show for in terms of social proof. But you can still build credibility on Fiverr in other ways. 

My guide on how to build credibility and trust on Fiverr as a new seller might help: 

One thing that stands out to me, is the lack of work examples. You should showcase more of your work in your portfolio. Don't just tell me that you're a good web designer: show me. 

Your gig descriptions could need some love. Add more information to help the buyer understand why they should pick you.

Let's say I'm a carpenter, looking for someone to make my new website. I don't know what the advantages of "clean code" is. Do you vacuum clean my computer after you made the website? (Ok, bad example, but you get what I mean). 

If you research what type of pain points most web design clients have, you can begin to narrow it down. Start off by showing that you understand my problem. You know my fears. And here is the solution! 

Your gig is very general. It's not unlike the 20.000 other web design gigs out there. 

You could try to set up more specific gigs to be more visible. If I'm a carpenter, I might search for "carpenter website". Guess what: only 25 gigs show up! 

If I search for just "web design", 26.623 gigs show up! 

If you have a great looking gig dedicated to making the best carpenter websites, you might show up on top for those buyers. Obviously, a carpenter website is just an example. You have to research the niches you want to work with. Then you have to perfect your craft and hone your skills for those niches. 

Don't be so general. Most general gigs never succeed. But if you start making your own niches, and you do it well, you stand a much better chance of getting some orders. 

Best of luck! 


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