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What is the formal way to ask a client, "Is there anything else I can help you with"?



Many times I hesitate to ask from my clients for more work. I will really appreciate if someone can guide me on how to ask for more work from the same client or simply how should I improve my upselling skills on Fiverr.

Many thanks in advance.

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Hi @motion_blast,

The best time to ask your client for additional work is when you have an open order with them. You can discuss that in the order chats.

  • If the additional work is related to the current order, you can upsell to add an existing or custom gig extra to the package.
    • I usually do this right after the customer places the order and when I am confirming their order requirements with them. This is the best time to ask because this is when the customer tells you everything they want you to do. And you can simply let them know if it's included in the package or if they need to pay more.
    • There may be other opportunities to upsell during the order or after delivery, if the buyer decides they want to add more to the project or they need additional revisions.
  • If the additional work is another project, you can send them a custom offer for that project either before or after the current order closes.

If you are on Seller Plus, you can also send coupons to your recent buyers.

Other than that, you shouldn't reach out to your clients for more work because it can be seen as spam.

Let your buyers come to you when they want to order your services.

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Due to the nature of my service, I often work with clients who are only looking for a one time deal. However, whenever I feel someone could be needing more of my work in the future I mention something like; Thank you for choosing me for this project. If you ever need more work to be done in the future, you'll know where to find me. This last part I only mention if someone expressed they liked my work. 

But to be honest, I hardly ever mention the above line. Like @vickieitomentioned, buyers will order with you again if they want to (and when it's needed). I strongly advise you not to come across as begging (please give me more work). Just deliver the best quality and communicate well. Trust me that buyers will be happy to have found a trustworthy Seller who delivers great work, so when they need more projects to be fulfilled they'll think of you! 


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