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Where can I find past invoices/tranasction on my account?



I paid for a graphics job in 2021 and only now more than a year later my publisher is asking for documentation of this transaction for copyright purposes. But when I log into my fiverr account, it's like been wiped clean, no record of any past invoices or transactions. The seller is still there, but listed as unavailable so I can't contact her directly. Where can I find this past transaction?

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Here is the explanation from the Fiverr Help section. If you don't see it, as mentioned you'll have to contact Customer Support (support@fiverr.com) and they'll be the one to provide it to you.



Invoices are created for all purchases made on Fiverr so you can easily track your purchases, cancellations, and deposits. Depending on your country, these invoices can also be used for tax purposes. Manage all of your invoices from your Billing History page. 


  • An invoice is created after a purchase—its details cannot be changed, so make sure your billing info is up to date.
  • When you pay with Fiverr Credits, an invoice is not issued.

  • You can download invoices from mid-2021 onwards. For earlier invoices, contact Customer Support.

  • At the moment, invoices are not available via the mobile app, only via the Fiverr website.

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