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The Process of a Logo design and what you Should be aware of


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As a graphic designer, I will never offer a logo design services here on Fiverr, when I start selling my Gigs.

And the reason is because a real Professional logo design Service is a very painstaking process, for the price of $5.

I am going to share with you my personal experience and the process that I use.

It usually takes 7 days to complete a logo design. Not Less.

You go from Research first, original concept drawing Sketches on the paper (you must get a feedback from the customer during the “sketches”), isolate those graphic elements/symbols, and the font type that the customer likes. Then you have to convert them into a digital vector form, inside Illustrator or CorelDraw as a Black & white design. In order for customer to see clearly the concept first, and If the logo really works with no colors.

The Final step is to add after, the color combinations in the logo.

A professional logo must NEVER use ready-made cliparts. This is a rule!

Must be as much simple and minimal as possible. Must contain 2 colors maximum (except from the illustration Logos), and for the Printing costs purposes later. And must include No more than 2 font types.

Some exceptions apply to rare cases, where they use more than two fonts in their logo.

So, sellers who say that they will design a logo and send it to you in a day or two, you should be aware and know this one thing.

They probably use a “cheap” or even a free software, with ready-made cliparts.

Such as this: “AAA Logo - Logo Creation Software”.

Their final result might look appealing as a logo. But don’t get fooled. It might also look the same to someone else’s logo, and not be professionally Unique, as it should be.

A brand should be a strong representation of a company, and very carefully take the design process into serious consideration.

Don’t just buy a cheap logo just to save money.

I usually charge $140-$280 (translated from Euros €100-€150). For creating a Professional and unique logo.

I hope this will help people to decide on their Logo purchases. 🙂

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You could divide your process, maybe for a fiverr do a quick concept sketch then add steps as gig extras (once you unlock the gig extras at level 1).

I think many who need a logo order the basic 5$ gig from multiple sellers then they choose the one that suits them best and have it developed further by ordering extras.

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