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Scammer wanted to know if I had Pioneer [First Experience]


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Early in the morning I woke up to a fiverr inbox, I generally don't infer anything until I find reasonable, so I thought this guy may be legit. But then after few conversation I concluded him to be a scammer.

Then Immediately I got another client (probably his accomplice or he himself) going on about the same shenanigan's


I am always respectful to all, but this guy was there to scam me. So I fused Sir and Scammer and came up with Sicamr. He didn't realize that either. But I don't know why he wanted to needed to know if I had Pioneer. I am totally confused. Yes I have it on my car. These scammers sometimes makes me laugh.

I joked a little bit, wrote this thread and then I went back to sleep.

Anyone got similar messages ?









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I can totally relate to this, I won't name the country or person here but deep down when I saw the message, I knew that this isn't going to pay me much. 
He started the communication and wanted to share a script with me to review either I am able to create the animation based on that or not. I asked him to go ahead and send it. 

When I receive the document, it had some random lines and at the end, RED HIGHLIGHTED text with his number written on it and instructions for me to write my email or phone number under that and send back the document. 

I am just fed up of such knocks and all I want to do is immediate block. 

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