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The flashing message light


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This happens perhaps after a month since I join Fiverr. I have never mind it because I wasn’t using the message system much and was able to keep track on everything. But now as I’m getting more orders and questions from potential buyers, it’s getting harder.

To sum up, the message light, the speech bubble next to the “to do” list always blind whenever I log in to the site. If I open it to see the message list, it’d stop blinding but then would start again after I open some more tag and go through them.

What should I do?

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I had the same issue for a while until I figured out what to do.

Just click on the speech bubble (opening the drop down menu), and hover your mouse over the speech bubble. You should see the green light slowly sink down to the bottom of the speech bubble until it is gone.

If you move your mouse away from the bubble before the green light disappears it will reappear after you close the page!

Hope this solves your issue, please check out my gigs 🙂

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