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Are you an individual or a company?


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8 hours ago, rabia_sabir said:

Are you working as an individual or a company for Fiverr? Does Fiverr offer any better solution for company environment?

I am working as a Company. I'm also exptecting more functionlities to handle multiple projects properly. Hopefully one day Fiverr will introduce better solutions for us.

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Guest dmc_art

Even though I'm co-founder of Six Spikes Studio and work there full time, I've created a profile here so I can have my side job and earn more. And even though I have +20 years of experience, dozens of certificates and diplomas - I still haven't got not a single order. I proposed to the studio to open an account here as a company, but the ending conclusion was that there is no reason to pay provision to any platform as we're having a marketing team to get us clients. So, not sure how this platform acts with companies, I suppose being a team or individual doesn't really matters for the algorithm. 

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