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First ever buyer not responding, what do I do?


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Hi guys! I recently received my first order, which I'm very excited about! The thing is I'm a proofreader, so the buyer is required to send me the document that they would like me to proofread. My buyer ordered my services without sending me a document and won't respond to any of my messages. (I sent one message explaining how to upload the document, and another requesting to extend the delivery date since they were not responding.) I was supposed to have three days to work on this and my order is due tomorrow. I'm worried that this is going to affect my "delivered on time" statistic.

I would really hate to start my Fiverr experience with a negative rating that is completely not my fault. 

Is there anything else I can do about this, and how can I keep this from happening in the future?

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Hi there.

If they don't respond, you could try asking support to cancel for you without it affecting your order completion rate.

How you could avoid it in future, by making sure you have mandatory requirements on your Gig, including mandatory attachment of a file, if you haven't yet. Even that's not fail-proof, though, as there are people who just attach a random file and let you know they'll send the right one later... while the clock runs for you. It happens.

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