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How to get orders???


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51 minutes ago, rr_deluxe said:

I have no idea about this


If you have no idea, you should do research before you create gigs. Like with every business, you need to have a business plan in place before you start. Otherwise,  you won't succeed. 

This might help: 



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6 hours ago, saikat_mazumder said:

You have to do SEO for ranking your gig. It's most important for ranking gig. You should also used unique content. Used unique images that will rank your gig on fiverr.

Thnx for your advice


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One of your gig is remove background of an image. Do you know that adobe release a Web AI tool that can remove background automatically? User needs to drag and drop their image and boom background removed. So why someone will hire your for that easy task? Think about it. 

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