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My gig is not ranking high? It is always on the 5th page or beyond.



Hello, I am Supervik.

My problem is I don't understand why my gigs are not ranking well in the search results. It will always show on the 5th page or beyond. Also I have done everything I could to experiments things but nothing seems to work.

I have tried by editing Gig titles, search tags and description but nothing work for me.

My profile - https://www.fiverr.com/supervik086

You can checkout some of the gigs from the above link and also see the attached screenshots.

I need your help to analyze the problem I am facing and I know my category is oversaturated but I saw some new sellers getting there gig ranked on the 1st page. That makes me think I am working hard on my gigs from months but they just came and getting sales like crazy.

Please dear fiverr seller I hope you understand and help me to become a better seller.




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2 minutes ago, supervik086 said:

It will always show on the 5th page or beyond.

To YOU. It’s shows in the 5th page to YOU. Other buyers, people, clients will see your gigs on totally different spot based on many factors, their search history, clicks they made etc. Checking your gig in search results is completely useless because that’s not where everyone else sees it. 

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